Step 1 - Choose your favorite item and click Add to cart.

Step 2 - Click proceed to checkout if you have done, otherwise click continue shopping.

Step 3 - Double check of the summary of the purchased item and click Proceed to checkout.

Step 4 - Double check of your delivery and billing address, click update to amend the address or you may add a new address. Click Proceed to check out.

Step 5 - Please select a shipping method

**NOTE : For more detail about delivery please click Delivery **

Step 6 - Please tick the checkbox.

Step 7 - Click proceed to checkout.

Step 8 - Please click on pay by bank wire to complete the order.

**NOTE : You may have to transfer the total amount via ATM or Online Banking Transfer, if you have selected Cash On Delivery or Self Collection you may just click pay by bank wire and ignore the payment, if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to use the live chat below.**

A short summary of your order will be display after you click pay by bank wire. Click I confirm my order.

Bank account details will be display, please copy the order reference.

Paste the order reference into bank recipient reference column.


Upload the bank slip or receipt in Contact Us page. see below:

Select Payment for subject heading

Select the Order Reference which for the payment made.

Click Choose File to upload the payment receipt or payment slip.

Done!, Click Send.

**NOTE : For status checking, please use the live chat below, our support team will reply almost instantly.**